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Force Canadians: Government and Polls

force canadians: May would rather defeat a government and ultimately force Canadians back to the polls rather than allow a party with a climate plan not up to her standards to govern, according to CTV. Frankly, no party currently has a policy that is adequate it's about getting a deal for our kids to ensure a livable world and if there isn't, if that isn't on the table, then we won't support anyone, May told host Don Martin in an interview that aired on CTV Power Play on Monday. That means, should the Oct. 21 federal election result in a minority government with the Greens holding the balance of power, May says Canadians could be headed back to the polls. We actually would bring a government down and go back to the polls to get a government that's prepared to be responsible. Minority governments are formed when there's no party that wins a majority of the seats in the House of Commons after a federal election. May said she hopes that this existential political threat would prompt leaders to carefully consider their obligations to continue to form government. ( As reported in the news.