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Fitness Classes: Movers List and Lucozade Sport

fitness classes: And perhaps that thing is yoga on a paddleboard Or hugby That's rugby with hugs, according to Rabble. These are both things we didn't know existed until the Movers List was released. Even if you thought PE ruined physical exertion for you for life, there's something that will transform your life for the better. It's a 50-strong roll call compiled by Lucozade Sport and judged by the likes of boxer Anthony Joshua and England footballer Nikita Parris of people who are making a difference to people's lives by getting them moving in new and unexpected ways. And even if there's not, you can visit the Movers List on the Lucozade Sport website to find opportunities to move, including fitness classes and the like, near you. It's an easy way to find something new and get inspired, so scroll through to see if someone's doing something that appeals in your area. ( As reported in the news.