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Filings Show: Canada and Advocacy Group

filings show: Mobilize also charged Canada Proud 11,300 in production costs, the filings show, according to National Observer. The right-wing advocacy group is known for its incredible reach on social media and ties to Conservative Party fundraisers. The bulk of Canada Proud's spending, just over 94,000, went towards ads on Facebook and Instagram, which Mobilize purchased on behalf of the group. Public expense reports filed to Elections Canada on Sept. 15 show that every dollar of the group's campaign spending has gone to Mobilize Media, a media production company owned by Canada Proud founder and director Jeff Ballingall. There are no laws expressly forbidding a person from directing their non-profit to purchase services from a company they own, but directors of non-profits are required to disclose any personal benefit they might derive as a result. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing Canada Proud is registered as a non-profit, meaning its profits are required to serve the organization's purposes. ( As reported in the news.