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Ebraheim Barho: Fire Emergency

ebraheim barho: In this case we investigated every piece of evidence available and tested every possible theory, according to National Observer. Despite our best efforts we are unable to say what caused this tragic event. Our firefighters responded to a call they will never forget, Chief Ken Stuebing of Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency said Wednesday during the first significant update on the department's investigation since the Feb. 19 fire. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing Syrian refugees Ebraheim Barho and his wife Kawthar survived the fire that destroyed their new rental home in the Halifax suburb of Spryfield, although Ebraheim Barho sustained severe burns and is still hospitalized. Stuebing said investigators were able to determine only that the fire started in the back of the house in the main-floor living room near a couch. ; He said nothing leads investigators to believe the fire was suspicious, and they have ruled out smoking materials, kitchen activities and electrical faults as possible causes. The couple's seven children, who ranged in age from three months to mid-teens, perished inside the home. ( As reported in the news.