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Costume Events: Re-Election Bid and Party Spokesman

costume events: Trudeau has repeatedly apologized, calling the act of darkening one's skin racist, and said he remains committed to fighting racism and continuing to lead the Liberals, according to CTV. A Liberal party spokesman said their office is still discussing the details of when the conversation would take place, and the spokesman said the Liberals would not be making the details of it public. Trudeau has promised to personally apologize to Singh, the first member of a visible minority to lead a federal party, after his re-election bid was shaken by the surfacing of images that showed he chose to put on black- or brownface as part of costume events. Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for a daily update on the campaign Singh said earlier on Saturday that he was still waiting to hear back from Trudeau about whether the Liberal leader is willing to meet his condition for a discussion about the issue -- remarks that came during a full day of campaigning Saturday while Trudeau took a break. Taking Saturdays off is common in federal elections. Trudeau wasn't campaigning Saturday and neither was Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, taking their first breaks since the federal election call on Sept. 11. ( As reported in the news.