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Conservatives: News Sign and Liberals

conservatives: The response to each of these discoveries is marked by embarrassment and then some type of apology, according to National Observer. The back and forth has hit its pinnacle with the discovery of photos of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in brownface and blackface. The Liberals and Conservatives have unearthed embarrassing and often racist material produced by candidates on either side, attempting to derail the opposing campaigns with scandals. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing While the Conservatives demand Trudeau's resignation, and the Liberals accuse them of hypocrisy given Conservative tolerance of racist behaviour within their ranks, the rest of the public is left trying to sort through this entire mess. So how can we differentiate a meaningful apology based on a changed person from a disingenuous apology based on a present-day stake A meaningful apology is specific in naming the offence, accepts blame and accountability, names those affected by the offence and shows tangible action toward making amends. Is it reasonable to believe that someone who has acted in a racist or bigoted manner is able to redeem his or herself And if so, what exactly constitutes a meaningful apology It's easy for politicians to stand in front of cameras and apologize, but are all apologies equal ; As a man of faith, I believe in values like redemption and forgiveness a belief I am sure all Canadians share. ( As reported in the news.