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Conference-Call Planning: Sound Systems and Thecoup March

conference-call planning: We talked about demo-fatigue and sound systems, the far right who, inexplicably, were marched by police straight through the Stop TheCoup march at the weekend but nobody argued about whether or not we should be protesting, according to Rabble. The debate on our current crisis has concentrated on proroguing, but it is no more than the instrument of what has occurred the executive has moved against the parliament. I was on the conference-call planning it, and we argued about whether or not coup was the right word, whether to start at 5pm or 6pm, whether to protest daily or concentrate on the Saturday. Not tricked it, outwitted it, bullied it, or won it round moved explicitly against it. To watch it happen and accede to it with silence would be unpatriotic, an act of bad citizenship. You cannot find precedent for this in the debates surrounding the Falklands war, or the national government of 1931; you're squarely on the territory of the English civil war. ( As reported in the news.