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Children: Spending Time and Maternity

children: Raising children is expensive and challenging, particularly in the first year, and this would help, Trudeau said, according to CTV. In those first few months with a new baby, when it's a struggle to get enough sleep, let alone get to the top of your game at work, it can be an even bigger concern, he said. If re-elected, he promised that Liberals would boost the Canada Child Benefit for children under age one and make maternity and parental leave benefits tax-free. People should be focused on spending time with their baby, not worrying about how they'll pay their bills. The party also promised to remove federal taxes from employment insurance cheques for maternity and parental leave. The Liberals are promising to increase the Canada Child Benefit by 15 per cent for children under one, which Trudeau said would be an increase of up to 1,000 a year for some families. ( As reported in the news.