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Campaign Executive: Ndp Candidates

campaign executive: Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for a daily campaign update, once the election is underway Generally known for seeing eye-to-eye on key progressive issues, May and Singh spent the better part of this past week exchanging barbs over a series of defections in New Brunswick from the NDP to the Greens, with Singh accusing May of spreading misinformation and May accusing the NDP of strong-arming these support-switchers into recanting, according to CTV. After an apparent initial exodus of 14 former provincial NDP candidates led by a federal campaign executive, five have since said that they were added to the list of defectors without their clear understanding or approval. In the first of a series of leaders' interviews on CTV's Question Period, May spoke about the ongoing feud between the NDP and Greens, offered new details on what her support would be contingent on in a minority scenario, and gave her timeline for a balanced budget should the Greens manage to win enough seats to govern. The problem they have is that Jagmeet Singh let down their members in New Brunswick by never visiting. I'm really astonished by this trumped-up anger that we're seeing from the NDP. I wish we could talk about things we have in common instead of creating this really rather pointless diversion. It's been two years he's been leader, in that time I've been there three times First rule of leadership is you have to show up, May said. ( As reported in the news.