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Cabinet: Cabinet Confidence

cabinet: Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for a daily campaign update But legal experts tell CTV News they're not sure how Trudeau is measuring what he calls the most expansive waiver of cabinet confidence, let alone how true his claim is, according to CTV. Some other examples from past years include former prime minister Stephen Harper approving confidence waivers for the RCMP investigation into the Senate spending scandal. We gave out the largest and most expansive waiver of cabinet confidence in Canada's history, he said in response to reporters' questions about a Globe and Mail article that said the RCMP's efforts to examine the SNC-Lavalin affair have been stymied by the government's refusal to lift cabinet confidentiality. Harper's predecessor Paul Martin gave the Gomery Commission cabinet documents linked to the Liberal sponsorship scandal that rocked Ottawa in the mid-2000s. The RCMP is investigating into possible obstruction of justice charges in the prime minister's office, Scheer said Wednesday as he formally launched his campaign. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer also spoke about the SNC-Lavalin affair on the first day of electioneering. ( As reported in the news.