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Birth Tourism: Griffith and Institute

birth tourism: WHAT IS HAPPENING Birth tourism is the practice by which babies are born in Canada to non-residents so they can receive automatic citizenship without having to go through standard immigration processes, according to CTV. Griffith follows the phenomenon closely as part of his research. It's going up faster than immigration rates, faster than the overall population of Canada, Andrew Griffith, a fellow at the Environics Institute and the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, said in a telephone interview with CTV News. The 13 per cent increase was found in data Griffith collected from the Canadian Institute for Health Information CIHI which based it on information from hospitals across the country, excluding Quebec. According to CIHI, there were 1,354 non-resident births in 2010 and 4,099 in the 12-month period ending March 2019 representing 1.4 per cent of all births in Canada during that time. Their research shows a steady increase in births to non-residents from 2008 to 2017-18, and then a 13 per cent jump after that. ( As reported in the news.