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Bamidele Adeagbo: Lethbridge Trial and Briefinga Letter

bamidele adeagbo: Last week, Clackson found the parents not guilty of failing to provide the necessaries of life in the death of their 19-month-old son Ezekiel in 2012, according to National Observer. The couple testified they thought their son had croup and used herbal remedies to treat him. Queen's Bench Justice Terry Clackson made the comments in the Lethbridge trial of David and Collet Stephan. They called for an ambulance when he stopped breathing, but he later died in hospital. Bamidele Adeagbo. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefingA letter dated Thursday signed by 42 doctors and lawyers from across the country asks the judicial council to investigate Clackson's comments about Dr. ( As reported in the news.