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Assam State: List Government and Filippo Grandi

assam state: He urged India to ensure no one ends up stateless, including by ensuring adequate access to information, legal aid, and legal recourse in accordance with the highest standards of due process, according to CTV. About 31.1 million people were included on the list Assam's government released Saturday, omitting 1.9 million. Any process that could leave large numbers of people without a nationality would be an enormous blow to global efforts to eradicate statelessness, Filippo Grandi, the U.N. high commissioner for refugees, said in a statement issued Sunday in Geneva. The list -- known as the National Register of Citizens, or NRC -- is unique to Assam state, in India's far northeast bordering Bangladesh. It's unclear what happens next. The government has said it compiled the list to detect and deport undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh but has also clarified that those left off the final citizenship list won't be declared foreigners. ( As reported in the news.