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Anti-Immigrant Messaging: Election campaign.i and Canadian Cities

anti-immigrant messaging: The billboards, which appeared in several Canadian cities, were met with swift backlash, according to National Observer. Social media lit up with condemnation of the anti-immigrant messaging. The recent controversy surrounding this series of ads promoting the PPC's anti-immigrant agenda highlights the potentially problematic role of third parties in election campaigns, both as vehicles for outside influence and as shields that help candidates evade accountability in the face of public criticism. And soon afterward, an online petition warned that the billboards reflected Trump's brand of hateful politics creeping into Canada's election campaign.I never imagined it was possible to see this in a city as diverse as Toronto, in Canada a country of immigrants. This billboard is in the Toronto neighbourhood of Leslieville.I'm a second-generation Canadian who's family came to Canada - both sides - during a wave of immigration in the 1920s. cdnpoli Lisa Kinsella lisakinsella August 24, 2019Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing The company that owns the billboards announced earlier this week that it was taking them down. This is in my neighbourhood Leslieville where 43% of residents were born outside of Canada and I'm sure many more like me who are the child of penniless immigrants John Pasalis John Pasalis August 24, 2019Disgusting & disturbing dog-whistle politics. ( As reported in the news.