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World Population: Climate Change

world population: Perhaps it's forgivable that an outfit called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change' would blame a perilous future food supply on climate change, according to Rabble. Yet it's astounding that in the report's broad news coverage I never encountered mention of the main driver of agricultural stress. Having pooh-poohed the 1960s population bomb' alarmism that would have us all balancing on our allotted five square inches of Earth by now, we've grown complacent about increasing our 7.7 billion world population by at least a quarter in the next 30 years, and by about half in 2100, when we're likely to number around 11 billion. After all, what causes climate change Even according to the most fervent of climate activists, the culprit is people. Back when human population was escalating unsustainably worldwide, demography was politically relaxing. More people, more carbon emissions double duh. ( As reported in the news.