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Word-of-Mouth Event: Beach and Dance Floor

word-of-mouth event: With its lasers and disco balls and sandy dance floor, Promise Cherry Beach has the feeling of a well-kept secret and it was, back when it was a clandestine word-of-mouth event, according to NOW Magazine. But it's now an above-water party, with city permits, a legal bar and bored-looking police officers stationed at the exits. Those are the directions you take on the way to Promise Cherry Beach, the unwavering techno beats serving as a pulsing beacon that guides you along the Lake Ontario shoreline. Signs around the beach that say Someone grab your ass signs outline the event's strict security policy. Promise founders Dave Macleod and Irving Shaw have even brought in an official diversity director, Sanj Takhar, whose booking has helped the parties stay vital as they move into their second decade. It's a place where old and new collide in Toronto's party scene where the old-school Peace, Love, Unity and Respect ethos has given way to a more modern and official safe space policy; where DJ lifers alternate on the decks with out-of-town headliners and newcomers making noise on Soundcloud. ( As reported in the news.