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Trudeau: Trades and Opening Remarks

trudeau: We know that trades are a great career that offers professional development, continued advancement, and a level of satisfaction that is remarkable, he said, according to National Observer. The Liberal government announced 6 million over two years in the 2019 budget to create a national campaign to promote skilled trades to young people. Trudeau made the announcement prior to a roundtable meeting focused on promoting trades for women at a Nova Scotia Community College campus in Dartmouth, N.S. In brief opening remarks before the closed-door session, Trudeau said trades should be seen as a viable option at a time when there's a lot of uncertainty about where the jobs of the future will come from. However, Trudeau acknowledged that breaking into trades isn't an easy proposition for many in the job market. ; There can be challenges for certain people to get into trades, particularly minority groups, or women, or marginalized communities. The advisory committee is to lay the groundwork for a national campaign to encourage apprenticeships and promote the skilled trades as a career. That's why talking about how important trades are is important . . . for everyone. ( As reported in the news.