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Street Disorder: Vancouver Cops and Mayor Amanda

street disorder: The local reports did not provide further details on the vessel or the nationality of the crew.article continues below Trending Stories Man who says he was mistakenly arrested and beaten by Vancouver cops suing VPDVancouver hotel manager says street disorder on Hastings strip turning away tourists Why is a former Vancouver councillor bringing developers to meet the mayor Amanda Tapping on coping with miscarriage The news agency reported the ship was seized near Farsi Island, where a Revolutionary Guard naval base is located, according to Vancouver Courier. The island sits in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iran, north of the Strait of Hormuz. State TV and the semi-official Fars news agency reported that seven crew members were detained when the ship was seized late Wednesday carrying 700,000 litres 185,000 gallons of smuggled fuel from Iran. Guard commander Gen. State TV and other local media also ran footage of the ship, but did not show any flag or identifying marker for the vessel. Ramazan Zirahi was quoted by Iran's state TV saying the ship was seized in Iranian territorial waters and had been transporting diesel fuel. ( As reported in the news.