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Shaw and Hobbs

spy: Perhaps it was only a matter of time before this franchise got so big that it would produce spinoffs, and Hobbs & Shaw breaks away from la familia to follow the exploits of two of the series's former antagonists turned unlikely heroes Diplomatic Security Service hulk Luke Hobbs Dwayne Johnson and rogue spy Deckard Shaw Jason Statham . Hobbs and Shaw, who earned a grudging respect for one another by the end of The Fate of the Furious, team up again to protect Shaw's sister, Hattie Vanessa Kirby an MI6 agent who's trying to stop a bio-engineered supervirus from falling into the hands of a multinational tech company that wishes to eradicate most of humanity and repopulate the planet with mechanically enhanced superhumans, according to Rabble. This tech-eugenicist outlook is personified by the corporation's chief foot soldier Brixton Lore Idris Elba whose electronically upgraded eyes, super strength, and bulletproofing make him, in his own words, a black Superman. Its narrative trajectory has traced the improbable transformation of talented thieves who steal wholesale goods into international agents capable of foiling geopolitical terrorist threats. The virus is a McGuffin that keeps David Leitch's Hobbs & Shaw moving, but the film is by and large less interested in its apocalyptic stakes than its leads, particularly Johnson, whose charismatic, boastful persona is hardwired into everything from the tempo of the film's dialogue to its extravagant action. Hobbs and Shaw's conversations suggest nothing less than wrestling promos, as both men are prone to launching into competing monologues in order to affirm their masculine supremacy. As much as the absurdity of the Fast & Furious series has remained grounded in the chummy relationship between its stars, so, too, does the quick-witted chemistry shared by Johnson and Statham anchor their characters' adventures. ( As reported in the news.