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Rights Violations: Turkey and Canada

rights violations: Asylum seekers are still fleeing Turkey for Canada and other western countries, Kaplan said, according to CTV. There's at least 14 families in my neighbourhood in Ottawa . I mean ladies with kids . All their husbands have been arrested in Turkey, he said. More than 3,000 Turkish families have landed in Canada seeking asylum during the last three years, said Vaner Kaplan, who represents a group called Advocates of Silenced Turkey in Canada that documents human rights violations in the eastern European country and presses for change from abroad. The women are not comfortable speaking out publicly for fear it could imperil their husbands behind bars in Turkey, he added. Before that, he used to work in a non-for-profit organization in the United States. Kaplan brought his wife and three kids to Canada more than two years ago. ( As reported in the news.