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Redacted Documents: Dogwood Initiative and Petroleum Industry

redacted documents: Earth and that this information was being shared with the NEB and the petroleum industry, according to National Observer. In 2017, the SIRC, which oversees CSIS, rejected the complaint. In its complaint, the BCCLA specifically claimed that CSIS and the RCMP were monitoring the activities of Sierra Club BC,, the Dogwood Initiative now named Dogwood BC and Forest Ethics now named Stand. The BCCLA is now going to federal court to have that decision overturned. Subsequently, on July 6, the BCCLA released over 8,000 pages of heavily redacted documents, which it has referred to as the Protest Papers. ; These documents offer rare insight into the thinking of CSIS agents, as well as concerns among civil society groups that their organizations may be spied on, and even infiltrated, by government security forces. Despite the SIRC ruling, the BCCLA won an appeal to the Federal Court allowing for release of testimony from the secret hearings, as well as documents used in support of the BCCLA's submission. ( As reported in the news.