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Recapped Limbaugh: Editor Media and Saturday Aug

recapped limbaugh: Meadows of Parker wrote his Letter to The Editor Media, Dems created border 'crisis,' July 25 he was parroting conservative radio; at least publish a unique perspective, please, according to Rabble. He recapped Limbaugh's and Schnitt's daily tripe, including their rabble-rousing chant here insults against The Democratic Socialist Party, Crooked Clinton, and Obama. Saturday Aug 3, 2019 at 6 00 AM When Mr. Those so-called journalists re-use their tired techniques to befuddle the ignorant who cannot understand what a fact is or how it is derived. Those techniques began with Tip O'Neil's playbook to take truthful news stories and cast doubt on their veracity, which is all the Republicans had for Robert Mueller, casting stones at his choices of analysts, the sources of the Russian problems, that more Republicans than others got indictments, and loudly using their five minutes to state overused GOP mantras. Legacy news outlets and the conservative media lean to left or right, respectively, but FOX was openly created for the market-share profits from those who felt they were under-represented. ( As reported in the news.