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Overton Window: Sean Craig and Post Editors

overton window: Mainstream, supposedly respectable, publications in Canada are taking advantage of this shift as well, according to National Observer. On Aug. 12, Canadaland published an investigation by Sean Craig exposing Postmedia's plan to shape their newspapers' coverage in an unprecedented, centralized fashion in the leadup to the federal election. The Overton window has also shifted considerably rightward, and publications eager to tap into that audience Rebel Media, Quillette, Breitbart, etc. have been rewarded. Craig writes that in October 2018, Postmedia's then-president and now CEO, Andrew Mac Leod, called a meeting and told National Post editors the publication was insufficiently conservative. Two days later, the editor-in-chief of the Edmonton Sun and Edmonton Journal, Mark Iype, was removed from his position and reassigned to a new role. In June, then-National Post and Financial Post comment editor Kevin Libin, who played an active role in defeating a union drive at the paper earlier that year, was appointed to take charge of all political reporting and analysis in Postmedia newspapers to ensure the newspapers became more reliably conservative. ( As reported in the news.