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Murder Mystery: Star-Studded Titles and Film Festival

murder mystery: Here are some 2019 festival titles that will likely get much buzz, according to co-head/artistic director Cameron Bailey and senior director of film Diana Sanchez, according to CTV. Ford v Ferrari Both Bailey and Sanchez predict big things for this biographical drama starring Matt Damon as American car designer Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale as British driver Ken Miles. The Toronto International Film Festival kicks off Sept. 5 with another slew of star-studded titles predicted to get awards season love -- from a high-octane look at rivalling car companies on the racing circuit, to a powerful true story of a civil rights defence lawyer, and a slick murder mystery. James Mangold directed the story, which follows the two as they build a revolutionary Ford Motor Company racing car to rival that of the Enzo Ferrari team at a prestigious race in France in 1966. Just Mercy Bailey and Sanchez are also in agreement on this true story starring Michael B. Jordan as renowned civil rights defence lawyer Bryan Stevenson. Matt Damon and Christian Bale play so well off each other in the story that's two and a half hours yet you're watching it and you're like, 'I could stay here forever, ' says Sanchez. ( As reported in the news.