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Mood Wasn: Bolsonaro and Salles

mood wasn: Protesters fired smoke bombs outside the Ministry of Environment, screaming Sai Salles Get out Salles referring to Ricardo Salles, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's environment minister, according to National Observer. The planet's lungs are on fire, and the city was angry angry that the great Amazon rainforest, one of the planet's most biodiverse and ancient wildernesses, has been burning for weeks. People screamed, danced and sang, led by a giant banner that read Amaz nia fica, Bolsonaro sai the Amazon stays, Bolsonaro goes . But it wasn't a time to celebrate and the mood wasn't entirely jovial. Young or old, the entire crowd shared the same concern Bolsonaro doesn't care about the environment, he doesn't care about the Amazon and he doesn't care about Indigenous people's inherent, constitutionally protected and internationally recognized rights. So far, he has kept those promises. ; It's not a new phenomenon for a Brazilian government to take a pro-industry stance the country is, after all, the biggest exporter of beef in the world but in recent memory, no other president has taken such bold measures against Indigenous rights and the environment. The president campaigned on pledges to stop the demarcation of Indigenous lands, sell off large parts of the Amazon rainforest to mining and agribusiness, discredit scientific data pointing to a drastic increase in deforestation in recent years and cut back on environmental protection and regulation measures. ( As reported in the news.