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Montreal Laundromat: Security Camera and Banking Regulations

montreal laundromat: Sandwiched between a Bengali garment shop and a South Asian grocery in the multicultural Parc-Extension neighbourhood, Ahmed's office helps about 15 people a day transfer 15,000 on average -- mainly to Bangladesh but also India, Pakistan and Senegal, according to CTV. Ahmed's business is steady, but he frets he could be losing ground to shadow banking competitors, who operate outside normal banking regulations. They say, 'hawala people give me a better rate, ' he explains. Behind a desk in a backroom above another Montreal laundromat, one of those rivals works the phone between customer sit-downs. They want to help their family. We help people get money back to their home, back to Somalia, the young man says, a security camera peering down the hall outside the door. ( As reported in the news.