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Media Ecosystem: Sources and News Consumers

media ecosystem: They trust those sources nearly as much as they trust their friends, and overall levels of misinformation in Canada are low, according to National Observer. Still, there are troubling disconnects in Canada's media ecosystem, according to the report released early Thursday by the Digital Democracy Project, a joint initiative by the Public Policy Forum and the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University. Though voters are worried about the rise of a hyper-polarized political landscape in which news consumers are pushed toward partisan sources, people across the political spectrum appear to be reading the same news sources. Despite being only moderately informed about key policy issues, Canadians are relatively confident they know enough to cast their vote. And the people who consume the most media through social networks and, to a lesser extent, traditional sources tend to be the most misinformed. Journalists are focusing coverage on issues that aren't on the general public's radar. ( As reported in the news.