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Juan Guaido: Area Countries

juan guaido: On Tuesday, the United Nations said the growing flight of Venezuelans has now totally surpassed Colombia's capacity to respond, and called on countries to step up the amount of aid they are providing to the area, according to CTV. Countries including Canada and the U.S. have been ratcheting up economic and political pressure on President Nicolas Maduro in a bid to force him aside and allow for a transition of power to the government of Juan Guaido, who is recognized by dozens of countries as Venezuela's rightful leader. As many as four million Venezuelans are believed to have fled in the last four years, a migration of historic proportions in the region that has severely strained neighbouring countries hosting the majority of the displaced. U.S. President Donald Trump's hard line, however, has not been fully backed up by a corresponding softening of his approach on immigration, so far. But the Trump administration has allowed Venezuelans to use expired passports to apply for entry or extend existing visas, one of two steps Canada announced this week that would make it easier for Venezuelans to come or stay in this country. A decision to restrict asylum claims at the Mexico-U.S. border has cut off one major avenue for Venezuelans seeking sanctuary in the U.S., and efforts to place what amounts to a stay on deportations for Venezuelans have also failed. ( As reported in the news.