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Job-Losing b.c: Forestry Workers and Wv Councillors

job-losing b.c: There, there, dry those tears, according to Hamilton Spectator. Two years ago I planned this exit before being ushered out or carried out, fingers stiffly on keyboard but on with business If only the ruling Ottawa-Toronto-Montreal triangle had a tenth as much concern for job-losing B.C. forestry workers as it has for Quebec-based, scandal-wracked SNC-Lavalin's employees well, it wouldn't be the Canada we know and love, right What WV councillors more favourable than municipal staff toward Park Royal's tacking on more storeys to a development bitterly opposed barely a year earlier PR shows contempt for council and residents, trumpeting its goal of a virtually autonomous live-work-play enclave in a town it doesn't respect. A last column without tears let's get on with important business Oh, dry those tears isn't 29 years at this stand long enough article continues below Trending Stories West Van homeowner forced to sell, conspiracy claims dismissed North Van tax educator' loses appeal First fish clear Seymour River rock slide North Vancouver man charged in mystery tree cutting case This is my last column. Sproing, sproing! The Kangaroo Court of the BC Human Rights Commission is back in session, revived by John Horgan 16 years after Premier Gordon Campbell properly abolished it. This freak show, first reported by the incomparable Christie Blatchford, drew international headlines and jeering of Canada. The case that discredits the B.C. human wrongs apparatchiks beyond all previous crank causes Sending to its Star Chamber-style tribunal the 29 complaints of one Yaniv, putting through the wringer frightened, mostly immigrant female estheticians who don't wax male genitals and wouldn't make an exception for a self-defined transwoman still equipped with a penis. ( As reported in the news.