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Islamic State: Kurdish Jail and Citizens Questions

islamic state: The couple, who live in Oxford, England, said it is time for Canadian politicians to show leadership and demonstrate that Ottawa is able to protect the rights and freedoms of all citizens, according to National Observer. Questions about the fate of Jack Letts, who is being held in a Kurdish jail in Syria, recently resurfaced following word that Britain had revoked his citizenship. Scheer might react differently if his own child was locked in a foreign dungeon without access to a lawyer or contact with his family, John Letts and Sally Lane said in a statement distributed Thursday. Letts' parents said their son, who still holds Canadian citizenship, went to Syria for religious and humanitarian reasons, not to fight for the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Mr. It is irresponsible of Scheer, and the U.K. government, to pass the buck and let other countries deal with the westerners being held in Syria following the demise of ISIL, they said. ; Last year, John Letts accused Scheer and his colleagues of falsely stating Jack was a terrorist who had gone abroad to fight with the terrorist organization. ( As reported in the news.