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Industry Groups: Election Promise and Policy Risks

industry groups: The premier says he's making good on his election promise, but Legault is now facing pressure from industry groups saying the policy risks aggravating labour shortages and hurting economic growth, according to National Observer. Business lobbies have been telling a legislature committee holding public consultations this week on Quebec's immigration policy the government needs to significantly boost the annual rate of immigration.A major business federation is asking for 60,000 immigrants a year 20,000 more than the government plans on accepting in 2019. Legault campaigned last October on reducing annual immigration amid concerns that newcomers weren't integrating properly. The immigration minister announced in June Quebec would aim to accept about 52,000 immigrants annually by 2022. But the premier told reporters before entering a cabinet meeting the vast majority of unfilled jobs in Quebec are low-paying. ; If you ask a Quebecer if they prefer a job at 15 an hour or 30 an hour it's clear they would prefer a job at 30 an hour, he said. The Federation des chambres de commerce du Quebec says in a report presented Wednesday the province has 120,000 jobs that need to be filled, at a time when Quebec has never had a smaller number of people available for a job since 1976. ( As reported in the news.