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Hong Kong

hong: Instead, Lam received an email from organizers the day the before the event that his group would not be allowed to participate after police reportedly informed organizers of a threat to sabotage the parade by protesters opposed to the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, according to National Observer. The email, which has been seen by The Canadian Press, cited the the presence of public figures, including prime ministers, as well as the festival's policy in not interfering in geopolitical conflicts. Lam and Guy Ho wanted to march in the Aug. 18 event with Action Free Hong Kong Montreal to express their support for same-sex couples fighting for freedom and marriage equality in Hong Kong the first time, he said, that a group from Hong Kong would be official parade participants. Lam said his group was willing to participate despite the threats, and even went out and purchased goggles and umbrellas to protect themselves against possible pepper spray. Staff for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who attended the parade, said the prime minister's office was not consulted or informed about any decisions related to parade participants. But organizers held firm, leaving him feeling the parade organizers cared more about having a happy parade and protecting political big shots than the inclusive values they espouse. ; We did our best, believing that police and security would also beef up their protection for us, but instead of protecting the ones who are bullied, they just took an easy way out, he said in a phone interview. ( As reported in the news.