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her.a Poster: Police Line and Burnaby Mountain

her.a poster: It was a very powerful day for me, she told National Observer, according to National Observer. It was the first protest on Burnaby Mountain. She looked out at the crowd with a tremendous sense of hope and told them to prepare for arrest if they crossed the police line at the site of the proposed Trans Mountain oil pipeline from Alberta. Five years later, a photo of Berman on that hopeful day on the outskirts of Vancouver is being used to foment hatred against her.A poster showing the photo of Berman with a red circle around it, and a diagonal line through it, is labelled TZEPORAH BERMAN ENEMY OF THE OILSANDS. A man representing a group called Oil Sands Strong held the poster and Berman's CV up for the cameras and denounced her as he introduced Alberta Premier Jason Kenney at a June 7 news conference to announce a 30-million government war room against oil and gas industry critics. She worries the organized demonization of her and other activists is putting a chill on open dialogue in Alberta on climate change. Tzeporah Berman has received threats of violence and sexual assault over her opposition to the oilsands and pipelines. ( As reported in the news.