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Gun Violence: Casinos Amnesty and Gender Identity

gun violence: The advisory states that people should be extra vigilant at all times and avoid places where large numbers of people gather listing events, houses of worship, schools, malls, local bars, nightclubs and casinos, according to CTV. Amnesty International says the the United States has an obligation to enact a range of measures at the federal, state and local level to regulate access to firearms and to protect its people but sufficient steps have not been taken by the government to meet this obligation. Depending on the traveler's gender identity, race, country of origin, ethnic background or sexual orientation, they may be at higher risk of being targeted with gun violence and should plan accordingly, the advisory says. This is the latest travel advisory to be issued in regards to the U.S. Earlier this week the countries of Venezuela and Uruguay both issued statements suggesting their citizens reconsider their plans to travel to the country due to indiscriminate possession of firearms, by the U.S. population. Once again, it is chillingly clear that the U.S. government is unwilling to ensure protection against gun violence. https // Amnesty International amnestyusa August 7, 2019 People in the United States cannot reasonably expect to be free from harm a guarantee of not being shot is impossible. ( As reported in the news.