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Ford Government: Responsibility and Aid Budget

ford government: His Progressive Conservative government maintained that Ottawa should pay those costs because immigration is a federal responsibility, according to CTV. Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for a daily update on the campaign, once the federal election is underway Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said responsibility for legal aid for immigration and refugee cases has long been a joint federal-provincial responsibility, but the Ford government decided to step away from that. Premier Doug Ford's spring budget slashed Legal Aid Ontario's budget by 30 per cent, including eliminating funding for refugee and immigration law services. The fact that we have to be here today to recognize that yet another Conservative government, the government of Doug Ford, is walking away from services to the most vulnerable is really frustrating for me and I think for all Canadians, Trudeau said. There are many other cuts that the Conservative government is making that the federal government will not be able to compensate for, Trudeau said. Trudeau has increasingly been slamming Ford ahead of the October election, and his Liberal government also previously stepped in to fund a provincial tree planting program after it was cut by Ontario. ( As reported in the news.