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Emigration Account: Cent Drop and Population Count

emigration account: A newly released review by Statistics Canada said the census could have identified between 270,000 and 298,000 Jews in Canada in 2016 if response patterns remained steady, instead of the almost 144,000 captured in the population count, according to CTV. The review said the decline is most likely linked to the removal of Jewish on a list of examples that goes along with the question about ethnic and cultural origins. The number of people identifying themselves as ethnically Jewish on the census has been steadily declining since 2001, but the 53.6 per cent drop between 2011 and 2016 was far too precipitous to be part of an ongoing trend. Deaths and emigration couldn't account for the dramatic decline, nor were there errors in how the information was compiled. The national statistics agency has opted to test a new way to ask people about their ethnic origins, trying to wrangle a complex issue into a simple-to-understand question in time for the 2021 population counts. Dropping the examples entirely wasn't an option, the review said, because doing so could cause additional problems that would affect the results, such as respondents not understanding the question. ( As reported in the news.