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Countries I: World Today and Iranian Men

countries i: But this was no Republic of Gilead it was rural Albania, the flags were Canadian, and the politician former prime minister Stephen Harper was addressing Iranian men and women, alongside dignitaries from at least 10 different countries, according to National Observer. I am delighted to be here because there are few causes in this world today more important at this moment than what you are pursuing the right of the people of Iran to change their government, and their right to do it through freedom and the power of the ballot box, Harper declared to loud applause last month. Two glittering flags projected on jumbo screens behind a well-known politician as he addressed a massive gathering, flanked by women dressed in identical red headscarves and black-and-white overcoats. Harper was speaking at an event hosted by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which the U.S. government-funded think tank RAND Corporation describes as exclusively controlled by the Mojahedin-e-Khalq MEK . The Iranian regime terrorizes its own citizens and poses a serious threat to global peace and security. Free Iran Stephen Harper stephenharper July 13, 2019Peculiar as it may have appeared to Canadian viewers, the setting was not an unfamiliar one to many Canadian political figures. Today in Albania I was proud to again join the NCRI in standing up for a peaceful, non-nuclear future for Iran & freedom & democracy for its long suffering people. ( As reported in the news.