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Community Leaders: Behavioural Therapy and Racialized Communities

community leaders: CAMH psychiatrist Dr, according to CTV. Farooq Naeem said he will be consulting with patients, caregivers, mental health professionals and community leaders as he adapts an existing CBT manual to meet the specific cultural needs of South Asian patients. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto says it hopes to have a culturally adapted manual on the targeted form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy -- or CBT -- as well as a therapist training package ready by November. The evidence shows that CBT is as good as medications to treat depression and anxiety, as well as to prevent relapse, said Naeem. When we adapt it for other cultural contexts -- as we've done for other racialized communities -- it becomes far more effective. But we also have a lot of data that shows that CBT does not work as well with people from non-western cultural backgrounds. ( As reported in the news.