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Care Agency: Hab Center and Hab-a-Hearts Luncheon

care agency: In her early days as the Hab Center's executive director, when the fledgling Palm Springs-based nonprofit was still building a donor base, she wouldn't hesitate to use her personal credit card to help keep the place running, whether to gas up a van, buy food or pay the occasional water bill, according to Rabble. By the time she retired in 2017 after 34 years, her beloved Hab Center had grown into a thriving care agency with a 6 million budget, nearly 100 employees and a reputation for hosting a highlight of the Palm Beach charity season the annual Hab-a-Hearts luncheon at Mar-a-Lago, attended in recent years by President Donald Trump. Tina Philips' name adorns the entrance to the Palm Beach Habilitation Center, a tribute to the nearly four decades she invested in shaping the taxpayer-supported agency into a vital service provider for adults with intellectual, emotional and physical disabilities. It would all add up to a gratifying legacy, if not for the controversy that has dogged her departure. At the heart of the debate Explosive allegations by two board members that Philips and close agency confidantes concealed two of her center-financed savings plans and manipulated the books to avoid paying taxes. For the past 10 months, Hab Center leaders and board members have been consumed by questions over how Philips acquired three retirement plans worth more than half a million dollars. ( As reported in the news.