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Andrea Berloff: Gangster Films and Mob Wives

andrea berloff: They also tend to be the recipients of whatever violence their husbands don't get out of their systems in dealings with other men, according to Rabble. These women are primary victims of the rigorously patriarchal world of organized crime. Mob wives mostly get the short end of the stick in gangster films, either silently suffering or viewed as complicit in their husbands' crimes for sharing their spoils. At the start of Andrea Berloff's The Kitchen, however, the wives of three Irish mafia soldiers don't even get the chance to enjoy the perks of mobster excess. With their backs against the wall, the women decide to get into the mob business for themselves, going to the local shops paying protection money to their husbands' bosses and offering to honor the agreements the men are too lazy to enforce. When Jimmy Brian d'Arcy James Kevin James Badge Dale and Rob Jeremy Bobb are busted after committing a small-time robbery, their respective wives, Kathy Melissa McCarthy Ruby Tiffany Haddish and Claire Elisabeth Moss are left in the lurch and beholden to the men's crew, who don't even pay them enough to cover their rent. ( As reported in the news.