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A-List Clout: Wrestler Johnson and Hobbs Shaw

a-list clout: He placed second in both of the last two years, according to CTV. The prolific actor, 47, scored a major hit with family-friendly reboot Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle -- a sequel is on the way -- and has starred in multiple Fast and Furious films including this month's Hobbs & Shaw. Former professional wrestler Johnson raked in US 89.4 million over 12 months, rising back to the number-one spot he last held in 2016. He has just become the go-to bankable star, said Comscore analyst Paul Dergarabedian. Using his A-list clout to secure lucrative profit-sharing movie deals on top of eight-figure fees, Johnson also appears on HBO television show Ballers, hosts NBC game show Titan Games and has his own lucrative line of fitness clothing, among other endorsements. And he's always working -- he's relentless. ( As reported in the news.