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Stephen Plan: Plan and Airy-Fairy Environmentalism

stephen plan: Perhaps there's a subtle distinction that escapes the uneducated layperson's eye, but can someone in Scheer's Conservative parliamentary caucus or Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's United Conservative Party explain the difference between Trudeau's restrictions on bitumen exports and Stephen Harper's plan for the same thing Oh, I know, any real Albertan believes Prime Minister Trudeau's bitumen export plan calls for our province's vast resources to be land-locked and the Canadian economy destroyed in the name of airy-fairy environmentalism while former Conservative prime minister Harper's plan was a wise blueprint for their prudent and environmentally friendly development to the benefit of all mankind, according to Rabble. Seriously, though, on closer examination -- which is not easy amid the current nearly hysterical state of political discourse in Alberta fostered by our recent provincial election -- it would appear there's not actually a lot of light between Trudeau's plan now and that of Harper back in the day. Notwithstanding a lack of persuasive evidence, the popularity of this refrain here in Alberta never seems to wane. Leastways, 11 odd years ago, in September 2008, the Reuters News Agency was mildly complaining that Harper's plan would ban exports of tar-like bitumen from Alberta's oilsands to countries that do not match Canada's efforts to cut carbon emissions. The environmentalists because they didn't feel it went far enough, especially with regards to Canada's own emissions, and the industry because it claimed it needed more time to study the details. Say what! According to Reuters, both the fossil fuel industry and environmentalists were perplexed by this Conservative Party of Canada policy. ( As reported in the news.