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Statistic Canada and Health Campaigns

cent: The data found that while 40 per cent of mothers said their baby has never slept in the same bed with someone, a third of respondents, or 33 per cent, said they or someone else shared a bed with their infant nearly every day, according to CTV. This is despite public health campaigns advising against the practice out of concern for the baby's safety. The study used data collected from Statistic Canada's 2015 and 2016 Canadian Community Health Survey CCHS which surveyed 5,329 women between the ages of 15 and 55 who had given birth in the past five years. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada PHAC bed-sharing, which is when an infant shares the same sleep surface with an adult or another child, may increase the baby's risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS and suffocation. There is also the risk the adult or other child could roll onto the infant. The government agency said the baby can suffocate if they become trapped between the sleep surface and the body of the other person in the bed, the wall, or other objects. ( As reported in the news.