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Six-Per-Cent Increase: Tax Returns and Volunteer-Driven Clinics

six-per-cent increase: Now, the agency is looking to improve the program to help more low-income Canadians qualify for supports administered through the tax system, including the Canada Child Benefit that goes up in value this weekend, according to CTV. Figures provided by the Canada Revenue Agency show a six-per-cent increase in the number of tax returns filed through the program this year compared to last year. The extra money allows volunteer-driven clinics run by more than 3,000 groups to operate year-round. In raw numbers, the CRA says more than 835,000 returns were filed by people who are homeless, Indigenous, newcomers, seniors or disabled. The boost is double those seen in previous years, before the Liberals increased annual spending on the community volunteer income-tax program to 13 million in the 2018 budget. ( As reported in the news.