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Policy Alternative: Housing and Minimum-Wage Worker

policy alternative: Its design is to be tailored to each province, according to CTV. A study released Thursday by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative shone a critical light on the supplement as part of research that found a minimum-wage worker could afford to rent in just a few neighbourhoods in Canada. Interactive Map Check housing rental affordability across Canada The new portable housing benefit is to roll out next year and will be tied to a person rather than a unit -- meaning recipients can carry it with them through the housing market rather than losing the financial help when they move out of government-supported dwelling. Spending on the benefit is set at 4 billion over a decade -- split among federal and provincial governments -- which will require tough decisions about who gets it, how much they can receive, and when it gets taken away. Second of all, it's likely not generous enough to substantially reduce the rent for renters, particularly at the lower end of the income spectrum and particularly in big cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria, Calgary, Ottawa. You really have to ration it based on some simple criteria, otherwise you blow through your spending cap, said David Macdonald, a senior economist with the CCPA who wrote Thursday's study. ( As reported in the news.