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Oceans Manson: Sea Ice and Factors

oceans manson: The latest version of the Can Coast map has combined six key factors to create visual ratings of coastal sensitivity on the three oceans, according to CTV. Manson said in an interview Wednesday that when you start to consider how wave height rises due to a lack of sea ice or the slope of the shore, it can make a major difference in erosion and flooding. The mapping effort led by Gavin Manson has taken into account factors like the disappearance of sea ice, rising waves and the makeup of the shoreline. It includes a whole lot more information on factors that affect the physical sensitivity of Canada's coasts, he said from the Geological Survey of Canada office at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Halifax. In parts of Atlantic Canada where coastal land is sinking as seas rise, the ocean is predicted to be an average of between 75 centimetres to one metre higher by the end of the century -- increasing flood risk during storms. The expectation of rising sea levels has already been documented in the Changing Climate Report Ottawa released in April for large portions of Atlantic Canada, the Beaufort Sea, the Fraser River lowlands and northern British Columbia. ( As reported in the news.