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Not-So-Subtle Reminder: Canadian Quality and Trade Dispute

not-so-subtle reminder: In those communities, Trudeau said he saw people helping and supporting one another -- a key Canadian quality to celebrate, he said, according to CTV. But he also dropped a not-so-subtle reminder of how his government was able to renegotiate a new free trade agreement with the United States and Mexico, and eventually got the U.S. tariffs lifted. Speaking to a jovial crowd clad in red and white gathered under a hot sun, Trudeau reminded the assembled masses about last year, when he skipped the festivities in the nation's capital and instead visited communities impacted by steel and aluminum tariffs that had been imposed as part of a trade dispute with the United States. We put up a united front, we leaned on each other, we had each other's backs and we didn't get pushed around, Trudeau said. His support for diversity was also a focal point of his remarks, saying he is proud to be part of a country that values multiculturalism while also looking to the future to meet what he called the great challenges of our times -- climate change, reconciliation and gender equality. He also highlighted some rosy numbers sure to be regularly touted in the upcoming election campaign the number of jobs created since his Liberals took office in 2015 -- one million; the number of long-term boil-water advisories lifted since 2015 -- 85; and the number of kids who have been lifted out of poverty -- nearly 300,000. ( As reported in the news.