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Intelligence Bulletin: Election Integrity and Disinformation-Related News

intelligence bulletin: Now, we're also adding a weekly round-up to bring you a condensed version of the week in disinformation-related news, according to National Observer. This edition includes a fake intelligence bulletin planted by Russia, a network of inauthentic accounts removed from Twitter for mass-tweeting about a controversial smart city project, an anti-social media summit at the White House and a Twitter outage that sparked hours of conspiracy theories. Through the Election Integrity Reporting Project, we're publishing exclusive investigations, in-depth analyses, fact-checks and breaking news, spanning topics from climate change to hate groups to fake social media accounts and beyond. Russia planted conspiracy theory about slain Democratic staffer Seth Rich In the summer of 2016, a soon-to-be viral conspiracy theory started circulating on forums like Reddit and 4chan, claiming that the murder of Democratic National Committee DNC staffer Seth Rich was not the result of a botched robbery, after all, but was actually carried out by a contract killer working for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Now, nearly three years after the conspiracy theory emerged, we may finally know where it came from. The baseless conspiracy theory eventually made its way from the fringes of the internet all the way into the White House, marking the beginning of what would become a defining feature of the Trump presidency. ( As reported in the news.