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Immigration Concerns: Climate Change and Health Care

immigration concerns: More important than jobs, more important than health care, more important than immigration, according to CTV. Concerns about the environment have been rising in the public consciousness ever since a landmark UN report was put out last fall, which laid out a grim picture of the future if world leaders across the globe can't slow down human-caused warming of the planet. For the first time in 15 years, the last four weeks have had the environment as the top national issue of concern, Nanos told CTV News. In the political sphere, the issue of how best to tackle climate change has been a source of contention, with federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and several premiers opposing the Liberal government's federal carbon tax. This ruling means the the battle lines have been drawn, Nanos said. An Ontario court ruled Friday that the federal government's carbon tax is important to the fight against climate change and is constitutionally sound. ( As reported in the news.