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Gulag Solzhenitsyn: Exiles Nabokov and Acquaintances Books

gulag solzhenitsyn: On the drive the trunks were still wet, shrinking, turning cold, leaving a damp patch on his trousers and the back seat, according to Rabble. He had to keep them on during the interrogation. They ordered him to get dressed quickly, pull his trousers over his wet trunks. There he was, trying to keep up a dignified facade, but all the time the dank trunks made him squirm. It was 1976, in Odessa, Soviet Ukraine, and my father, Igor, a writer and poet, had been detained for distributing copies of harmful literature to friends and acquaintances books censored for telling the truth about the Soviet Gulag Solzhenitsyn or for being written by exiles Nabokov . He was threatened with seven years' prison and five in exile. It struck him they had done it on purpose, these mid-ranking KGB men masters of the small-time humiliation, the micro-mind game. ( As reported in the news.